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Juan Ríos

also known as Juan Esteban Ríos Rey

critic , dramatist , essayist , journalist , playwright , poet

Peruvian poet, playwright and essayist, Juan Esteban Ríos Rey, was born in Lima in 1914. He accused vast humanistic and civic concerns, actively participated in the ideological struggles of his time (always in defense of his ideals of justice and equality), and left a rich literary with such diverse models as surreal and inheritance complaint.


RIOS, Juan was born on September 28, 1914 in Barranco, Lima. Son of Rogelio Rios and Victoria Rey (de Rios).


Driven from his early youth by a humanistic vocation and a strong desire to engage in creative writing, attended College of Arts of the Catholic University of Lima. Then he settled in Madrid with only twenty years of age (1934), and, captivated by the social, literary and bohemian ambiance in the Spanish capital, he soon left classes and finally was forced to return to Lima.


In 1948 in Peru wrote the journalistic column "Tierra de Nadie" which was dedicated to the defense of Human Rights and Culture.


  • diary

    • Sobre mi propia Vida. (1993)

  • poem collection

    • Cinco poemas de la agonía (1948)

    • Primera Antología Poética (1981)

  • poetry

    • Canción de Siempre (1941)

    • La Selva, 1950

  • poetry collection

    • Cinco cantos al destino del hombre (1953)

  • work


In 1936, as soon as it learned of the outbreak of the Civil War in Spain, he enlisted in the Republican militias to fight in the front of the Sierra de Guadarrama in Madrid. But soon the insurgent troops decreed his immediate banishment from the country. In 1938 was deported from the country(Peru) by decree of dictatorial government headed by General Oscar Raimundo Benavides , whose authoritarianism had been repeatedly denounced by the brave humanist. Juan Rios was able to be sent back to the front as a correspondent.


He was always in defense of his ideals of justice, humanism and equality.


Academia Peruana de la Lengua Correspondiente a la Espahola.

  • Academy Peruana de la Lengua Correspondiente a la Real Academy de la Lengua Espa+-ola. , Peru



  • Philosophers & Thinkers

    Pablo Neruda

  • Politicians

    King of Spain Juan Carlos I

  • Writers

    Pablo Neruda

  • Other Interests

    surrealism, symbolist poetic theater


Married Rosa Saco in 1946.



1st wife:
Rosa Saco - Peruvian

Dulcinea Ríos