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Kuang-yu Chang Edit Profile

College president

Chang Kuang-yu was the head of several colleges and universities.


Mr. Chang was born in Kunghsien, Honan, China in 1896.


Chang Kuang-yu attended Tsinghua College between 1911 and 1917. From 1918 till 1921 he was in America where he studied mining at Colorado School of Mines and later was transferred to Missouri School of Mines, from which he received his Bachelor of Science degree. From 1922 to 1923 Mr. Chang studied at Columbia University and received practical training at several places in North Michigan.


After his returning to China in the fall of 1923, Mr. Chang was appointed the President of the Tsiaotso Mining College, Honan (1923-1926). In 1927 he took the post of a dean of the Chungshan University, Honan. From 1928 he served as an acting Reconstruction Commissioner, Honan.

Around 1929 to 1930 Mr. Chang was elected chief secretary to Tsinghua College. From 1930 till 1931 he was the President of the Honan University, Kaifeng. Later he was appointed the President of Tsiao-tso Mining College, Honan.