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Editor , writer

Margaret Cousins was an American editor and writer.


Mrs. Cousins was born in Munday, Texas, United States, on January 26, 1905.She was the first child of Walter Henry and Sue Margaret Reeves Cousins.


Margaret Cousinswas an author and editor. mMrs. She began her writing career in 1927 as an associate editor, and later editor in chief, of Southern Pharmaceutical Journal in Dallas, Texas. In 1937, Mrs. Cousins moved to New York City, and in 1938 joined the staff of the Hearst Promotion Service as a copywriter. After four years with Hearst, she accepted a position with Good Housekeeping magazine, serving as editor from 1945 until 1958. At that time, Margaret Cousins was hired by McCall’s; she remained until 1961 when she took a position of senior editor at Doubleday and Co.

During her stint with Good Housekeeping, she began to write children’s stories. Her first, Uncle Edgar and the Reluctant Saint, was published in 1948. Others include We Were There at the Battle of the Alamo and Souvenir: Margaret Truman’s Own Story (with Margaret Truman). One of the many short stories she wrote, "The Life of Lucy Gallant," was produced as a film in 1955. Mrs. Cousins also wrote under several pseudonyms — including William Masters and Mary Parrish. She penned Traffic with Evil under the name Avery Johns.

As a writer, Margaret Cousins was known for her Romantic short stories, which appeared in many popular women's magazines, including Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, McCall's, and Redbook.


  • Mrs. Cousins gained prominence as a magazine writer and editor and as the author of children’s books.

    Margaret Cousins involved herself actively in the Author's Guild of the Author's League of America as secretary and Magazine Committee chairperson. She spoke on occasion at conferences and meetings of various literary and educational organizations. Her career brought her into contact with many prominent literary figures and other notable personalities in the political and entertainment fields.