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Nancy Gardner was an American writer.


Nancy Gardner was born on November 15, 1909 in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States; the daughter of Austin Bruff and Alice (Birdsall) Weeks.


Gardner studied at the University of Paris from 1932 to 1936.


In 1937, Gardner returned to the United States and began writing feverishly. Nancy has always been a profilic writer.


  • Gardner is known for her books "The Manatee", 1945, "Cider from Eden", 1947, "Beloved Women", 1949, "Love is Not Love", 1950, "The Fig Tree", 1965, "The Country Club", 1969, "The Mist Maiden", 1975, "My Talon in Your Heart" (poetry), 1946, "Walk Lightly on the Planet", 1985.


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    • Cider from Eden

      (This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of th...)

    • Author: (novels) The Manatee, 1945, cider from Eden, 1947, Beloved Women, 1949, Love is Not Love, 1950, The Fig Tree, 1965, The Country Club, 1969, The Mist Maiden, 1975. (poetry) My Talon in Your Heart, 1946, Walk Lightly on the Planet, 1985. Co-editor (anthology) Five Great Healers Speak Here, 1982, (plays) Cast Iron Smile, 1989, Mistress Hollister's Trojan Horse, 1996.


Nancy Gardner was a member of Poetry Society of America, Authors League, Authors Guild, Dramatists Guild, Mayflower Society, Huguenot Society, Cosmopolitan club (New York City).


Nancy Gardner was married to Thurston Clarke on March 11, 1939. They have 2 children. On July 20, 1963 she married to Esmond Brown Gardner.

Austin Bruff Weeks

Alice (Birdsall) Weeks

Thurston B. Gardner

Penelope Gardner

first husband:
Thurston Clarke March 11

He died on May 1962.

second husband:
Esmond Brown Gardner July 20