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director , educator , Actress , creative consultant

Nina Foch, Dutch Actress, creative consultant, educator, director. Recipient Film Daily award, 1949, 53. Honorary chairman Los Angeles chapter American Cancer Society, 1970. Member American Association of University Professors, Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (co-chair Executive Committee foreign film award, membership committee), Hollywood Academy television Arts and Sciences (Board of Governors 1976-1977).


Foch, Nina was born on April 20, 1924 in Leyden, The Netherlands. Arrived in United States, 1927. Daughter of Dirk and Consuelo (Flowerton) Foch.


Graduate, Lincoln School, 1939. Studies with Stella Adler.


Adjunct Professor drama, University of Southern California, 1966-1968, 78-80; Adjunct Professor film, University of Southern California, since 1987;creative consultant to directors, writers, prodrs. of all media. Artist-in-residence U. North Carolina, 1966, Ohio State University, 1967, California Institute Technology, 1969-1970. Member senior faculty American Film Institute, 1974-1977.

Founder, teacher Nina Foch Studio, Hollywood, California, since 1973. Founder, actress Los Angeles Theatre Group, 1960-1965. Board directors National Repertory Theatre, 1967-1975.


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    • Actor: (films) Nine Girls, 1944, Return of the Vampire, 1944, Shadows in the Night, 1944, Cry of the Werewolf, 1944, Escape in the Fog, 1945, A Song to Remember, 1945, My Name is Julia Ross, 1945, I Love a Mystery, 1945, Johnny O'Clock, 1947, The Guilt of Janet ames, 1947, The Dark Past, 1948, The Undercover Man, 1949, Johnny Allegro, 1949, An American in Paris, 1951, Scaramouche, 1952, Young Man with Ideas, 1952, Sombrero, 1953, Fast Company, 1953, Executive Suite, 1954 (Oscar award nominee), Four guns to the Border, 1954, You're Never Too Young, 1955, Illegal, 1955, The Ten Commandments, 1956, Three Brave Men, 1957, Cash McCall, 1959, Spartacus, 1960, Such Good Friends, 1971, Salty, 1973, Mahogany, 1976, Jennifer, 1978, Rich and Famous, 1981, Skin Deep, 1988, Silver, 1993, Morning Glory, 1993, 'Til There Was You, 1996, Hush, 1998, Shadow of Doubt, 1998, How to Deal, 2003. (Broadway plays) John Loves Mary, 1947, Twelfth Night, 1949, A Phoenix Too Frequent, 1950, King Lear, 1950, Second String, 1960. (plays) American Shakespeare Festival in Taming of the Shrew, Measure for Measure, 1956, San Francisco Ballet and Opera in the Seven Deadly Sins, 1966, Seattle Repertory Theatre, television, since 1947.

      (television series) Playhouse 90, Studio One, Pulitzer Playhouse, Playwrights 56, Producers Showcase, Lou Grant (Emmy nominee, 1980), Mike Hammer, Shadow Chasers, 1985, War and Remembrance, 1988, Los Angeles Law, 1990, Hunter, 1990, Dear John, 1990, 1991, Tales of the City, 1993, Dharma and Greg, 1999, Just Shoot Me, 2000, Bull, 2000-2001, State of Grace, 2003, When We Were Grown-ups, 2004, NCIs, 2005, 2006, The Closer, 2007, numerous other series, network specialists and television films. Panelist, guest (television series) The Dinah Shore Show, Merv Griffin Show, The Today Show, Dick Cavett, The Tonight Show, moderator Let's Take Sides, 1957-1959. Director: (films) The Diary of Anne Frank, 1959.

      (plays) Tonight at 8:30, 1966-1967, Family Blessings, 1997. Associate producer: Ford's Theatre, 1968.


Board directors National Repertory Theatre, 1967—1975. Honorary chairman Los Angeles chapter American Cancer Society, Los Angeles, 1970. Member of American Association of University Professors, Hollywood Academy television Arts and Sciences (board governors 1976-1977), Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (co-chair executive committee foreign film award, member membership committee, chair foreign language award committee 1998-1999).


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    Avocation: work.


Married James Lipton, June 6, 1954. Married Dennis de Brito, November 27, 1959. 1 child, Dirk de Brito.

Married Michael Dewell, October 31, 1967 (divorced).

Dirk Foch

Consuelo (Flowerton) Foch

James Lipton

Dennis de Brito

Michael Dewell