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Pavel Nikitich Sakulin

literary scholar

Pavel Sakulin, USSR Literary scholar.


Sakulin, Pavel was born on September 1, 1868 in Voskresenskoe, Samara Gouvernement into a peasant family.


Graduated from Moscow University, 1891.


Lecturer in Russian literature at Moscow University, 1902-1911, but resigned in protest against the intervention of the authorities in university life. His monograph on V. Odoevskii, 1913, is an encyclopaedia of Russian intellectual life in the 1820-1830s. In the 1920s, tried, rather unsuccessfully, to combine serious research with Marxist dogma.

Interest in his work resurfaced in the 1960s after decades of neglect.


Religious edicts impose irrational rules on people’s behaviour.


Individuals have rights to express freedom if it safeguarde the interests of a collective.