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Raffaele VALENSISE, Italian Deputy.


VALENSISE, Raffaele was born on February 6, 1921 in Naples, Italy.


Member Central Committee, National Leadership and Executive, Italian Social Movement. Leader of Organisational Sector and of Local Authority Sector, Italian Social Movement. National ViceSec., Italian Social Movement - National Right.

Head of Department for Social, Economic, Trade Union problems. Elected Deputy, Catanzaro-Cosenza-Reggio Calabria, since 1972. Member Committee, on Agriculture and Forests.

Member Parliamentary Committee for the opinion of government on the text of the new penal code. Member Committee on Budget and Planning. Opposition spokesman on financial DDL.

Proponent of parliamentary inquest on the 1RI black funds and on the crime rate in Calabria. Presented motions on socio-economic conditions and prospect for development, in Calabria, on environmental problems, and on land-use with regard to the proposed coal-fired power station at Gioia Tauro, on public order and the fight against organised crime. Member Committee for the Authorizations to prosecute.

Member Committee on Budget, Treasury and Planning. Lawyer; Writer for La Voce. Co-director of II Vareo.

Co-promoter of the ‘Penal Chamber1, Rome. Member Internat. Association of Penal Law. Numerous political trials, defending Italian Social Movement youths, Catanzaro, for the trial in the murder of a worker at Malacaria.

Defence, Parri versus II Meridiano d'ltalia. Defence, FAR trial; Prosecution, Oderzo massacre. Member Administrative Council Hospital of S. Maria degli Ungheresi, Polistena.


  • Mezzogiorno e Nazione.