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Ray Russell, American author. Recipient Silver Globe award for film X Festival International Film Fantascienza, Trieste, Italy, 1963, winner Writers Digest Poetry competition, 1976, Sri Chinmoy Poetry award, 1977, World Fantasy Life Achievement award, 1991, Bram Stoker award Horror Writers of America, 1993. Served with United States Army Air Force, 1943-1946.


Russell, Ray was born on September 4, 1924 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Son of William James and Margaret (Otto) Russell.


Student, Chicago Conservatory, 1947-1948;student, Goodman Memorial Theater, Chicago, 1949-1951.


His most famous short fiction is "Sardonicus", which appeared in the January 1961 issue of Playboy magazine, and was subsequently adapted by Russell into a screenplay for William Castle's film version, titled Mr. Sardonicus. American writer Stephen King called "Sardonicus" "perhaps the finest example of the modern gothic ever written". "Sardonicus" was part of a trio of stories with "Sanguinarius" and "Sagittarius".

Russell was also one of the screenwriters for Roger Corman's X (also known as X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes) and The Premature Burial (based on the Edgar Allan Poe short story). "Sardonicus" "Comet Wine" "The Actor" "The Cage" "The Exploits of Argo" "The Sword of Laertes" "Montage" "Booked Solid" "Take A Deep Breath" "The Pleasure Was Ours" "The Room" "I Am Returning" "Incommunicado" "His Father's House" "Last Will And Testament" "The Rosebud" "London Calling" "Ounce of Prevention" "Xong of Xuxan" Mr. Sardonicus (1961)The Premature Burial (1962)Zotz! (1962)The Horror of It All (1963)X (1963)Chamber of Horrors (1966).


  • In 1991 he received the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement.



Served with United States Army Air Force, 1943-1946.


Son of William James and Margaret (Otto) R. M. Ada Beth Stevens, September 5, 1950. Children: Marc Antony, Amanda.

William James Russell

Margaret (Otto) Russell

Ada Beth Stevens

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