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educator , consultant , lawyer

Richard Jeffrey Bonnie, American lawyer, educator, consultant. Var: Virginia 1969, United States District Court (eastern district) Virginia 1969; United States Court Appeals (4th circuit) 1969, Supreme Court of the United States Court 1986. Jefferson award, 2007; Institute Criminology fellow Cambridge University, 1977.


Bonnie, Richard Jeffrey was born on August 22, 1945 in Richmond, Virginia, United States. Son of Herbert Herman and Helene Selma (Berz) Bonnie.


Bachelor, Johns Hopkins University, 1966. Bachelor of Laws, University Virginia, 1969.


Assistant professor law University Virginia, Charlottesville, 1969—1970, associate professor, 1973—1977, professor, 1977—1987, John S. Battle professor, 1987—2007, Harrison foundation professor medicine and law, 2007. Director Institute Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy, since 1979, professor psychiatry, since 2001, professor public policy, since 2009. Visiting fellow Institute Criminology, Cambridge University, 1977.

Visiting professor Cornell Law School, 1993-1994, Parsons visitor Sydney Law School, 2005. Associate director national Commission Marijuana and Drug Abuse, 1971-1973. Reporter National Conference Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 1972-1974.

Consultant Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention Executive Office of the President, 1973-1975. Special assistant to United States Attorney General, 1975. Secretary National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse, 1975-1980.

Member Committee on Problem of Drug Dependence, Inc., 1979-1984. Charter fellow College Problems of Drug Dependence, since 1992. Consultant American Psychiatric Association, Council Psychiatry and Law, since 1979, American Academy Neurology, Committee Law, Ethics and Humanities, since 2007.

Member United States State Department Delaware to investigate psychiatric practices in the Soviet Union, 1989. Member World Psychiatric Association review team to investigate Soviet psychiatry, 1991. Advisory board permanent coordination office Reforms in psychiatry in Central and Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union, since 1993.

Board directors Geneva Initiative on Psychiatry, 1996-2005, Global Initiative on Psychiatry, 2005-2007. President American Friends of Geneva Initiative on Psychiatry, since 1997, member MacArthur Foundation Network on Mental Health and the Law, 1988-1996. Board directors Virginia Capital Representation Resource Center, 1994-1997, since 2002.

Member MacArthur Foundation Network on Mandated Treatment, 2000-2010, MacArthur Foundation Network on Neurosci. and Law, since 2007. Member Max Plank Network on Aging, since 2005. Co-chair, board directors Physicians and Lawyers for National Drug Policy, since 2004.

Steering committee underage drinking National Institute Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, since 2004. National commission diversion and abuse of prescription Center Addiction and Substance Abuse, 2003-2004. Chair commission on mental health law reform Virginia Supreme Court, 2006^.

Consultant in field.


  • Var: Virginia 1969, United States District Court (eastern district) Virginia 1969. United States Court Appeals (4th circuit) 1969, Supreme Court of the United States Court 1986.



Chairman Virginia Human Rights Committee, Department Mental Health and Mental Retardation, 1979-1985. Chair Commission on Mental Health Law Reform, Virginia Supreme Court, 2006^. Board directors College on Problem of Drug Dependence, 1996-2000.

Member Steering Committee Underage Drinking, National Institute Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, since 2005, Communications Increasing Rates of Organ Donation, 2005-2007. Fellow: Virginia Law Foundation. Member: American Psychological Association (honorary distinguished member 2007), National Academy of Sciences (national associate), American Bar Association (criminal justice-mental health standards project advisory board 1981-1987, task force on mental illness and the death penalty 2003-2005), National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (member steering committee on underage drinking since 2005), Institute Medicine (Yarmolinsky medal 2002), American Academy Psychiatric Law (Amicus award 1994), World Psychiatric Association (review team to investigate Soviet psychiatry 1991), Virginia Bar Association (chairman committee mentally disabled 1981-1990, criminal law section council 1992-1996), American Psychiatric Association (Isaac Ray award 1998, Special Presidential Commendation 2003), National Research Council (committee on data and research for policy on illicit drugs 1998—2000, chair committee elder abuse and neglect 2001-2002, committee on law and justice since 2002, chair committee underage drinking since 2002, executive committee division committee behavioral & social science & education 2003-2008, board behavioral, cogmitive & sensory science since 2009, member, committee informing juvenile justice since 2010), Institute Medicine of National Academy of Sciences (board neuroscience and behavioral health 1992—2001, vice chair committee preventing nicotine dependence in children and youth 1993-1994, chair committee on opportunities in drug abuse research 1995-1996, membership committee 1995-1998, chair committee injury prevention control 1997-1998, committee to assess science base for tobacco harm reduction 1999—2001, committee to assess system for protection of human research subjects 2000-2002, chair committee to propose strategy to prevent/reduce underage drinking 2002-2003, chair committee on reducing tobacco use 2004-2007, committee on increasing rates of organ donation 2005-2007).


Married Kathleen Ford, June 15, 1967. Children: Joshua Ford, Zachary Andrew, Jessica Katherine.

Herbert Herman Bonnie

Helene Selma (Berz) Bonnie

Kathleen Ford

Joshua Ford Bonnie

Zachary Andrew Bonnie

Jessica Katherine Bonnie