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Robert Lawrence Stine Edit Profile

also known as R. L. Stine, Robert Lawrence Stine, Jovial Bob Stine, Zachary Blue, Eric Affabee

executive , novelist , Producer , writer , author

A novelist and writer for teens, he is the author of dozens of popular horror fiction novellas, including the books in the Goosebumps series. The plots of his books usually involve naive teenagers or preteens who fall into situationshaving to do with the supernatural or the occult.


The Time Raider, 1982,

The Golden Sword of Dragonwalk, 1983,

Horrors of the Haunted Musuem, 1984,

Instant Millionaire, 1984,

Through the Forest of Twisted Dreams, 1984,

Indiana Jones and the Curse of Horror Island, 1984,

Indiana Jones and the Giants of the Silver Tower, 1984,

Indiana Jones and the Cult of the Mummy's Crypt, 1985,

The Badlands of Hark, 1985,

The Invaders of Hark, 1985,

Demons of the Deep, 1985,

Challenge of the Wolf Knight, 1985,

Conquest of the Time Master, 1985,

Cavern of the Phantoms, 1986,

Operation: Deadly Decoy, 1986,

Mystery of the Imposter, 1986,

Blind Date, 1986,

Twisted, 1986,

The Baby-Sitter, 1989,

Phone Calls, 1990,

Curtains, 1991,

Broken Date, 1991,

Baby-Sitter II, 1991,

Beach House, 1992,

Dead Girlfriend, 1993,

Halloween Night, 1993,

Hitchhiker, 1993,

Be Careful What You Wish For, 1993,

Baby-Sitter III, 1993,

Call Waiting, 1994,

The Beast, 1994;


Fear Street,

New Fear Street,

Fear Street Super-Chillers,

Fear Street Saga,

Fear Street Cheerleaders,

Fear Street Seniors,

Fear Park,

99 Fear Street,

Cataluna Chronicles,

The House of Evil,


Space Cadets,


Goosebumps Series 2000,

Give Yourself Goosebumps,

Rotten School,

Goosebumps Horrorland;

(as Jovial Bob Stine)

The Absurdly Silly Encyclopaedia and Flyswater, 1978,

How to Be Funny: An Extremely Silly Guidebook, 1978,

The Complete Book of Nerds, 1979,

The Dynamite Do-It-Yourself Pen Pal Kit, 1980,

Dynamite's Funny Book of the Sad Facts of Life, 1980,

Going out! Going Steady! Going Bananas!, 1980,

The Pigs' Book of World Records, 1980,

The Sick of Being Sick Book, 1980,

Bananas Look at TV, 1981,

The Beast Handbook, 1981,

The Cool Kids' Guide to Summer Camp, 1981,

Ghastly Gnomes, 1981,

Don't Stand in the Soup, 1982,

Bored with Being Bored!: How to Beat the Boredom Blahs, 1982,

Blips! The First Book of Video Game Funnies, 1983,

Everything You Need to Survive: Brothers and Sisters, 1983,

Everything You Need to Survive: First Dates, 1983,

Everything You Need to Survive: Homework, 1983,

Everything You Need to Survive: Money Problems, 1983,

Jovial Bob's Computer Joke Book, 1985,

Miami Mice, 1986,

One Hundred and One Silly Monster Jokes, 1986,

The Doggons Dog Joke Book, 1986,

Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out, 2004;

(as Eric Affabee)

G.I. Joe and the Everglades Swamp Terror, 1986,

Attack of the King, 1986;

(as Zachary Blue)

The Petrova Twist, 1987,

The Jet Fighter Trap, 1987.


  • №1 best-selling children's book series author, Guinness Book of World Records, 2003

    R.L. Stine has won numerous awards and honors, including several Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and Disney Adventures Kids' Choice Awards, and he has been selected by kids as one of their favorite authors in the National Education Association Read Across America.

    R.L. Stine's books have been translated into more than 28 languages and are best-sellers around the world!


Quotations: Personal quotes: "I do have a phobia that my nephews think is just insane - I cannot jump into water. I have to step into swimming pools. It's a real phobia, but my nephews think it's hilarious that this scary guy is so terrified of jumping into water."


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