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Rose Melville born Rose Smock, was an American stage actress famous for playing one character her whole career, Sis Hopkins.


Melville, Rose was born on January 30, 1873 in Terre Haute, Indiana, United States. Daughter of Review Jacob and Caroline (Puett) Smock.


Educated Convent of St. Mary’s of the Woods and Franklin College, Indiana.


Melville got her start in 1889 at Zanesville, Ohio playing a male role in a play called Queen's Evidence. Other known plays she appeared in were Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Two Orphans and Fanchon the Cricket. Mellville had a sister Ida, together they formed a traveling stock company.

In 1894 a play called Zeb was produced in which Melville performed the Sis Hopkins character for the first time. The play was so successful that it was brought to New York that same year. The Sis Hopkins character appeared in three more plays Little Christopher, The Prodigal Father;1896–97 and By the Sad Sea Waves.

1898-99. Melville presented Sis Hopkins in Vaudeville in a sketch called Sis Hopkins' Visit. After this sketch she had it rewritten as a longer play called Sis Hopkins. It was this play that garnered her greatest fame and she eventually performed it over 5,000 times.

In 1916 the Kalem Company contracted with Rose Melville to make twenty-one short films all with Melville starring in her Sis Hopkins character. She dispensed with the Sis Hopkins character briefly in the 20s to play in two feature films in 1922 and 1923. In 1918 Goldwyn Pictures produced a feature film version of the Sis Hopkins play starring Mabel Normand.

The film is now lost.


Married Frank Minzey, June 12, 1910.

Review Jacob Smock

Caroline (Puett) Smock

Frank Minzey