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Samuel Rene Gummere Edit Profile

diplomat , lawer

Samuel Rene Gummere was an American lawyer and diplomat who served as US Consul-General in Tangier, Morocco from 1898–1905, and Ambassador to Morocco from 1905–09, and became well known for his roles in the Perdicaris incident of 1904 and the Algeciras Conference.

After 1909 Gummere retired from public life.


Gummere, Samuel Rene was born on February 19, 1853 in Trenton, New Jersey, United States. Son of Barker and Elizabeth (Stryker) Gummere.


Brother of William S. G. Bachelor of Arts, Princeton, 1870. Unmarried.


He became an important player in the Perdicaris incident, in which Berber chieftain Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli kidnapped American expatriates Ion Perdicaris and his stepson, Cromwell Varley.

He also served as one of the American mediators, under Ambassador to Italy Henry White, in the Algeciras Conference of 1906, which helped to resolve European tensions over Morocco.


  • Gummere was appointed as the first United States Minister to Morocco as a reward for his service in resolving the Perdicaris incident.


Barker Gummere - Mercer County Clerk

Elizabeth (Stryker) Gummere

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