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Spencer Van Bokkelen Nichols


Spencer Van Bokkelen Nichols, American publicist.


Nichols, Spencer Van Bokkelen was born on July 30, 1882 in New York City. Son of Allan and Elizabeth Morris (Van Bokkelen) Nichols.


Law, University of North Carolina. Special courses in international law, Columbia and Yale.


Appointed assistant secretary of State by President Wilson, 1913. Associated with Schermerhorn Estate. Vice president Hamilton & Wade, insurance advisors.

Trustee of estates. Long active as layman Protestant Episcopal Church and in boys’ work, prison reform, rescue missions. forwarding Boy Scout and Big Brother movements. Former traveling secretary Delta Kappa Epsilon.


  • Author of various works, including Volcanic Action, 1910. Fiona Macleod, William Sharp, 1913. Toby Jugs, 18th Century, 1913.

    John Rogers, Sculptor, 1913. John Dryden, Master, 1914. Samuel Pepys, the Man, 1913.

    A Pepysian Admiral, 1914. Disraeli, Political Novelist, 1915. The Significance of Anthony Trollope, 1925.

    Nelson (play), 1929. Also wrote Woodrow Wilson, Internationalist, Has the League Failed?, The Machinery of Peace, Moral Disarmament, Tariffs-Intergovernmental Debts, The Psychology of the American People Toward the Administration’s Foreign Policy, The Non-Political Aspects of the League of Nations. Contributor on literature subjects, also verse, short stories and editorials. Book collector. Public speaker on League of Nations, World Court and international subjects.


Served as officer United States Navy, 1917-1920, duty United States Naval Academy. Member of staff of Admiral Caperton. Member mission to S. American Republics, 1918.

Trustee, director,; member numerous societies, among them, League of Nations Association (chairman of board and chairman of Executive Committee), Woodrow Wilson Foundation, National Peace Conference, American Colony Charities Association of Jerusalem (secretary), Naval History Society (secretary), New York History Society, American Geography Society, Naval Institute, American Bookplate Society, American Merchant Marine library association, Society for Nautical Research (London), Naval Records Society (London), Delta Kappa Epsilon, etc. Member Permanent Committee on Archives, Diocese of Connecticut. Clubs: Century, D.K.E., Groller (governor), Church (New York).


Married Virginia Center Ward, July 30, 1918. Children: Spencer Van Bokkelen, Virginia Center.

Allan Nichols

Elizabeth Morris (Van Bokkelen) Nichols

Virginia Center Ward

Spencer Van Bokkelen Nichols

Virginia Center Nichols