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Stephen Row Bradley


Stephen Bradley Row was an American politician, a judge and a Senator from the state of Vermont.


Bradley, Stephen Row was born on February 20, 1754 in Wallingford (later Cheshire), Connecticut, United States. Son of Moses and Mary (Row) Bradley.


He studied law, settled in Westminster, Vermont and began practicing law there.


He served as a county judge in 1783 and served for seven years in the Vermont House of Representatives in the 1780s. He served as Speaker of the Vermont House during 1785. He also served as a judge of the Vermont Superior Court during the 1780s. He was active in settling Vermont's boundary disputes with New Hampshire.

Bradley returned to Westminster and was active in law and local politics, serving on the town council. He was reelected to the United States Senate for Vermont in 1800, as a member of the Democratic-Republican Party. He was reelected in 1807. He served as President pro tempore of the Senate from 1801 to 1803 and from 1807 to 1809. He retired from the Senate in 1813 and also then retired from politics. He returned to Westminster and lived there again for 5 years. In 1818 he moved to Walpole, New Hampshire where he lived for the rest of his life and died. His body was returned to Westminster, Vermont, to be buried in the Westminster Cemetery.


Member Westminster City Council, 1798. Member United States Senate from Vermont, October 17, 1791-1795, October 15, 1801-1813, president pro tem, 1802-1803, 08, introduced bill to establish nat. flag of 15 stripes and 15 stars, used from 1795-1814 (sometimes called Bradley flag).


Married Merab Atwater, at least 1 son, William Czar. Married second, Thankful Taylor.

Moses Bradley

Mary (Row) Bradley

Merab Atwater

Thankful Taylor