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Ti-jen Soo Edit Profile


also known as Su Ti-jen

Government official

He was a Chinese government official.


Ti-jen Soo was born in Soo-Hsien, Shansi, China (Shanxi, China) in 1889.


Mr. Soon graduated from the Shansi Provincial Normal College and later from the chemistry department of the Higher Industrial Institute of Tokyo, Japan.


After graduation, Ti-jen Soo received much practical experience in several leading industrial factories in Japan. Upon returning to China in 1916, he successively served as principal of the Shansi Middle School, dean of the preparatory department of the Shansi University, secretary to the Military Governor of Shansi, chief of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Shansi Provincial Government and Shansi representative residing at Peiping, Commissioner of Foreign Affairs in Tientsin, China in 1928-1930. Then he became Commissioner of Finance of the Suiyuan Provincial Government.