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Tseng-yu Wu Edit Profile



Tseng-yu Wu was a Chinese banker.


Mr. Wu was born in Foochow, Fukien, China in 1895.


Tseng-yu Wu graduated of Tsinghua College in 1916. He also studied economics at Princeton University, graduating with Bachelor of Letters degree. Mr. Wu took post-graduate studies in Columbia and New York Universities, majoring in finance and banking.


Tseng-yu Wu was an assistant in the foreign exchange department at the Farmers Loan and Trust Co., New York, USA in 1918-1920, and promoter and first president of the Chinese Banking Club. He joined the Chinese-American Bank of Commerce in 1920. After his return in that year, he successively filled the followlnsr positions in the bank: secretary to the head office of the bank, manager of the Shanghai Office of the Bank, assistant manager of the Harbin office and manager of the Tsinan office which position he held untill the bank discontinued operation early in 1930.