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Uma Thurman is one of the most renowned actresses of her generation noted as much for her exotic, almost otherworldly beauty and for her considerable talent


She was born to Robert Thurman, a Buddhist writer and academic and Nena von Schlebrugge, a model. She is of mixed descent which explains her exotic looks.

Thurman's household was one in which the The Dalai Lama was an occasional guest; she and her siblings all have names deriving from Buddhist mythology; and Middle American behavior was little understood, much less pursued. And so it was that the young Thurman confronted childhood with an odd name and eccentric home life and nature seemingly conspired against her as well. She is six feet tall, and from an early age towered over everyone else in class. Her famously large feet would soon sprout to size 11 and even beyond that and although they would eventually be lovingly filmed by director Quentin Tarantino, as a child she generally wore the biggest shoes in class, which only provided another subject of ridicule. Even her long nose moved one of her mother's friends to helpfully suggest rhinoplasty -- to the ten-year-old Thurman. To make matters worse yet, the family constantly relocated, making the gangly, socially inept Thurman perpetually the new kid in class. The result was an exceptionally awkward, self-conscious, lonely and alienated childhood.


Thurman attended Northfield Mount Hermon, a college preparatory boarding school in Northfield, Massachusetts, where she received her first acting experiences in school plays. She was unathletic and earned average grades in school, but excelled in acting from a young age. It was after performing in a production of The Crucible that she was noticed by talent scouts, and was persuaded to act professionally. Thurman left her high school to pursue an acting career in New York City and to attend the Professional Children's School where she dropped out before graduating.


At age 18, she bared all in Dangerous Liasons (1988), a big-budget period piece starring John Malkovich and Glenn Close, and in 1989 starred in Henry and June, the first film to be released with an NC-17 (No Children Under 17) rating.

After appearing in a number of marginally successful Hollywood movies, she stepped off the beaten track to appear in Pulp Fiction (1994), the second movie by acclaimed independent director Quentin Tarantino. For her nuanced performance as a glamorous underworld moll, she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award.

Thurman capitalized on the popular success of Pulp Fiction by appearing in a series of big-budget productions including Gattaca (1997), Batman and Robin (1997), Les Miserables (1998) and The Avengers (1998).

After a series of big budget projects, Thurman took a more "independent" tack, favoring a series of riskier projects including Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown(1999), a Merchant/Ivory production of Henry James' The Golden Bowl (2000) and Chelsea Walls (2001), directed by then-husband Ethan Hawke.

In 2003, she starred in Quentin Tarantino's two-volume epic Kill Bill as a vengeful sword slashing assassin. The actress will also starred with Ben Affleck in the sci-fi thriller Paycheck. With 2005's The Producers, Thurman took on musical comedy with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.

But her humor missed its mark with My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006), which proved to be a commercial and critical disappointment. Directed by Griffin Dunne, 2008's The Accidental Husband also explored love and revenge. It featured Thurman as a radio talk show host who convinces a woman to break up with her boyfriend.

In recent years, Thurman has taken on a variety of roles, from playing a mythic monster in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010) to a powerful Parisian woman in Bel Ami (2012). In Bel Ami, Thurman plays one of Robert Patterson's love interests. She also had a recurring television role around this time, appearing on the musical drama Smash.


  • Uma is on the Board of Directors of Room to Grow, which is a non-profit organization founded by Rob Reiner. The organization is dedicated to enrich the lives of babies born into poverty throughout their critical first three years of development. In November 2006, Uma made a special appearance in Boston to support the local program



"Buddhism has made me such, what I am, and determined my attitude to the world. In fact I like all religions, but in parts. A little from here, a little from there - completely no one of them does not suit me» (Uma Thurman)


Uma is a supporter of the United States Democratic Party. She is a strong supporter of gun control laws, and in 2000, she participated in Marie Claire’s “End Gun Violence Now” campaign. She also participated in Planned Parenthood’s “ March for Women’s Lives” to support the legality of abortion . Thurman is also a board member of the New York- and Boston-based organization Room to Grow, a charitable organization providing aid to families and children born into poverty. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Tibet House.


Eastern philosophy


  • Politicians

    John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Joseph Driscoll

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    archeology, mythology, history


On 1st of October, 1990, Uma Thurman got married to English actor Gary Oldman. Gary is also the filmmaker and the famous musician. They got divorced on 30th of April, 1992.

In 1998, she got married for the second time with Ethan Hawke. Ethan is also the famous actor and he is known for this role in famous love story movie, Before Sunrise and its sequel. They also had two children from this married life. They dissolved their marriage on 20th of July, 2004. It seems like she her affairs with Quentin Tarantino was the main reason for her divorce with Ethan but she neither accepted this affairs nor she denied it.

In 2007, she was seen having romantic love affairs with Arpad Busson. The following year they got engaged but this engagement was called off within a year. That separation was not that serious and they patch up again. They also welcomed their first child together in 2012. Now they are living separately and their engagement is called off again.

Robert Thurman - United States - professor
Robert Thurman - father of Uma Thurman

celebrated professor of Buddhist Studies,taught at Amherst College

Nena von Schlebrügge - German - model
Nena von Schlebrügge - mother of Uma Thurman

Ganden, Dechen,Mipam - United States

Taya - United States

Firsr husband:
Gary Oldman
Gary Oldman - Firsr husband of Uma Thurman

second husband:
Ethan Hawke - actor
Ethan Hawke - second husband of Uma Thurman

Maya Thurman Hawke - United States

Levon Green Hawke - United States

Arpad Busson