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Valery Ivanovich Gulyaev Edit Profile

archaeologist , historian

Valery Gulyaev is a historian and archeologist, the author of more than 160 works.


Gulyaev was born on January 9, 1938 in Moscow.


In 1960, he graduated from the History Department of Moscow State University. In 1978, Gulyaev became Ph.D. in History. In 1995, he became Professor.


Since 1960, a junior researcher, Senior Research Fellow, Chief Scientist, head of the department of theories and principles, deputy director of the Institute of Archeology, USSR Academy of Sciences (Russian Academy of Sciences), in the meantime in 1995-2007 he was a professor at Voronezh State Pedagogical University.

In the 1960s he participated in the work of the forest-steppe Scythian expedition, the Institute of Archeology of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Since the 1990s, he has been the head of the Potudansk archaeological expedition of the Institute of Archeology of Russian Academy of Sciences. He supervised the studies of the burial cemetery near the village of Ternovoye-Kolbino in the Ostrogozhsky region, revealed new materials on the culture of the population of the Middle Don in Scythian times.


  • book

    • Scythians: the Rise and Demise of the Great Kingdom

  • Other Work

    • General problems of archeology of the Middle Don of Scythian time (Archeology of the Middle Don in the Scythian era)

      (Writings of the Potudansk archaeological expedition of th...)

    • Discussions of Scythology: (Based on the archaeological data of Podonya)

      (Herald of Ancient History, 2002, №1.)