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Vasily Nemchinov Edit Profile

Economist , mathematitian

Vasily Nemchinov is an economist, statistician, one of the founders of the mathematical economics in the soviet science. Winner of the Stalin and Lenin prizes.


Lead department of All-Russian Zemstvo Union refugees in Moscow (1915-1917. Head of an assessment and the statistical department of Chelyabinsk district zemstvo, the statistical office of the land department (1917-1922). Taught a course in the history of European art at the Chelyabinsk People's University (1919). After the Chelyabinsk Province was created he headed the Bureau of Statistics (1919), in the province oversaw 1st census of the RSFSR. Head of the Statistics Department of the Ural Region (Sverdlovsk, 1923). CSB board member (1926-1930). Member of the Board of Economic Sector Accounting Gosplan (1930-1931), member of the board of the Central Directorate of National Economic Accounting USSR (1932-1934). Since 1928 - Head of the Department of Statistics, 1940 - Director of the Moscow Agricultural Academy. Director of the statistical section of the Moscow House of Scientists (1939-1948). In early 1940, led by first established Sector Statistics Institute of Economics of the USSR. Initiator of the All-Union Conference on Teaching Statistics in the economic universities, initiated the publication of the series "Library of economics and statistics." Professor, founder and chair of mathematical methods of economic analysis of economic faculty of Moscow State University (1962-1964), taught a course in "Economic and methods and models." Professor of Political Economy, Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU (since 1947). Head of the Department of Mathematical Methods of Economic Analysis State University (1963-1964)

One of the leaders of the Soviet delegation at the talks at Dumbarton Oaks (USA, 1944). In 1949-1963 - Chairman of the Council for the Study of Productive Forces (SOPS). In 1953-1959, Academician-Secretary of the economic, philosophical and legal sciences, from 1953 to 1962 - Member of the Presidium of the USSR. An active participant in international conferences in Bucharest and Cluj (1957), Beijing, Shanghai and Paris (1958), Milan and Rome (1959), Budapest (1961), Warsaw and Krakow (1961), Sofia and Varna (1962), Prague Bratislava (1962), Berlin, The Hague and Birmingham (1964). Three sessions of the International Statistical Institute (XXX, 1957; XXXI, 1958; XXXII, 1960) discussed his reports on the balance sheet method in economic statistics, the mathematical and economic problems of the construction of the balance of the national economy, the cross-sectoral balance sheet as a macro-economic model of optimal planning. In 1958, organized the country's first laboratory of economic and mathematical studies of the USSR.


  • book

    • On the Statistical Study of Rural Class Stratification

    • Experience from the Classification of Peasant Households

    • The Use of Mathematics in Economics

    • Methods and Models of Mathematical Economics

    • Accounting and Statistics in agricultural sector

    • Planning and Cybernetics

  • Report

    • Class stratification of the village

    • Experience on classification of the farms