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Vera Petrovna Maretskaia

film actress

Vera Maretskaia, USSR Film actress.


Maretskaia, Vera was born on July 31, 1906.


Graduated from the E. Vakhtangov Theatre School, 1924.


Joined the Vakhtangov Theatre under lu. Zavadskii. From 1936-1940, worked in a theatre in Rostov-on-Don. Joined the Moscow Soviet Theatre, Moscow, 1940.

First film: Zakroishchik Iz Torzhka by la. Protazanov, 1925. Best known for her part in B. Barnet’s film Dom Na Trubnoi, 1928. In 1956, played the leading role in a new version of Mother by M. Donskoi.

A film was made about her career in 1976.