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Vladimir Emel'ianovich Maksimov

editor , writer

Vladimir Maksimov, USSR Writer, editor.


Maksimov, Vladimir was born in 1930.


First published in the early 1960s. His books Sent’ Dnei Tvorenia and Karantin at first circulated in samizdat, later published in the West. Worked for the magazine Oktiabr.

Emigrated in 1974. Editor-in-chief of the emigre literary magazine Konlinent. Other books include: Proshchanie iz Niotkuda, 1976, Kovcheg dlia Nezvannykh, 1979, Sago о Nosorogakh, 1979, Compete Works, 5 volumes, Posev, Germany. His books have been translated into several foreign languages.

Well-known for his human rights activities and his acrimonious polemics with Western left-wing intellectuals. Lives in Paris. Executive director of International Resistance, 1983.