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Chao-chin Huang Edit Profile

consular official

Huang Chao-chin was a Chinese consular official who held different posts in China.


Mr. Huang was born in Nan'an, Fujian, China, in 1899.


After receiving his secondary education in the Japan Middle School, Tokyo, he attended Waseda University, from which he graduated in 1923 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Economics. Mr. Huang then went to America and entered the University of Illinois, from which he received a Master of Arts degree in 1926.


Upon his return to China Mr. Huang was appointed secretary of the Bureau of Foreign Affairs, Xiamen. He served as a section chief of the Overseas Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Shanghai. During 1928-1929 Huang Chao-chin held the post of a section chief of the Commission of Overseas Affairs of National Government. From 1929 till 1930 he was sent to the Philippine Islands, Dutch East Indies, Malay Peninsula, Indo-China and Formosa by the Welfare Association for Chinese Abroad as its Special Representative to investigate conditions there.

Huang Chao-chin rejoined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1930. In 1931 he became a chief of first section, Asiatic Department. Mr. Huang attended the National Emergency Conference held in Luoyang in May, 1932, on behalf of the Foreign Minister. Huang Chao-chin acted as a Secretary of the Ministry between 1932 and 1935. In 1935 he was appointed Consul-General in San Francisco, U.S.A.


  • Huang Chao-chin held many important official official positions in China. He was also well known as a talented writer.


  • book

    • The Chinese Expansion in Foreign Countries

      (published by the National Chi Nan University)