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Ching-huan Shih Edit Profile

Government official

Ching-huan Shih was a Chinese Government official.


He was born in Mukden, Liaoning, China in 1890.


Mr. Shih graduated from Fentien Normal School. In 1918 he went to Japan to study at Meiji University, from which he was graduated in 1922.


Upon his return he was appointed by Chang Tao-lin as officer in chaise of military rehabilitation in the vicinity of Luanchow and Shanhaikwan, magistrate of Liaochung, magistrate of Tungliao and concurrently director of Tungliao branch office of Military Law Court and Commander of the Garrison Forces of Tungliao, Liaoynan and Shuangshan.

For his conservancy work on Liao River at Tungliao, Ching-huan Shih was awarded 2nd class gold medal by the Ministry of Justice, Garrison Commander of Kupei of Chihli in 1926, Special Commissioner of Foreign Affairs for Sniynan and concurrently chief secretary of office of Sulyuan Governor in 1928. Then Mr. Shih returned to Liaoning and became secretary to the Provincial Governor’s Office and Provincial Military Headquarters. In January 1929, he was appointed chief of the preparatpry Bureau for Tinkow Municipality and concurrently special deputy of Foreign Affairs at Yingkow in 1929. Later he was appointed concurrently director of Liao River Conservancy.