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Chung-ming Tseng Edit Profile

Government official

Chung-ming Tseng was a Chinese Government official.


He was born in Foochow, Fukien, China in 1901.


Mr. Tseng graduated from the University of Paris and Lyon University with degrees of Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Letters.


Chung-ming Tseng was a chief secretary of the Franco-Chinese University in Lyon, France in 1922-1924. Then he returned to China in 1924 and became a professor at the National University of Kwangtung, senior secretary of the National Government at Nanking and also chief secretary of the Political Council in 1927. Mr. Tseng was also a close follower of Wang Ching-wei and served as his chief secretary during the period of the Enlarged Plenary Kuomintang Conference at Peiping in 1930, vice-Minister of Railways in 1932-1935, reserve member of the Central Executive Committee of Kuomintang since 1931, former editor of the Hua Nan Monthly in Shanghai, vice-Minister of Communications in December 1935.

Chung-ming Tseng was also an author of "History of Chinese Poetry", "Peace and China", "One Drop of Water", translator of "Three Hundred Poems of Tang Dynasty" and "China and Kuomintang" (into French) and translator of famous French literary works (into Chinese).