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Gina Nemo

actor , photographer , Producer , recording executive

Actress, musician and entertainment executive.


She was active in school plays and musicals and started her first business at the age of 10.


Member Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of TV and Radio Artists, American Society of Composers.

Her first job in the music business was singing for an indie label called Stepping Tone Records in Hollywood. Singing was always her first love and she performed in many musicals in the Hollywood area.

Eventually she formed her first band called "22 Nemo" in the early 90's and they played in various Hollywood locations. Her first album was produced for an indie label based in Buffalo, New York in 1995, but it was never released. Eventually she released the album "Plastic Wonderland" on her own label called Omen Records in 1999. Many of the songs from that album were placed on MGM promotional DVD's for the show Stargate and indie films. She is currently recording a new album in England and in California.


  • Screen Actors Guild

  • American Federation of television and Radio Artists

  • American Society of Composers.




Peter John DeLuise - actor , Producer