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educator , publisher , writer

Harry Barba, American Author, educator, publisher ( art: lit.hum: library study)author, educator, publisher. Recipient certificate of Merit Dictionary International Biography, 1974, International Man of Year award Cambridge (England) International Biographical Center, 1991-1992; Skidmore research grantee, 1965-1968; New York State Council Arts grantee, 1971; U. Iowa writing fellow, 1961-1962; Marshall U. Benedeum grantee, 1969.


Barba, Harry was born on June 17, 1922 in Bristol, Connecticut, United States. Son of Michael Hovanessian and Sultone (Mnatsignanian) Barba.


AB, Bates College, 1944. Master of Arts, Harvard University, 1951. Master of Fine Arts, University Iowa, 1960.

Doctor of Philosophy with honors, University Iowa, 1963. Postgraduate, New York University, 1956. Postgraduate, Boston University, 1951.

Postgraduate, New York University, 1956. Postgraduate, City College of New York, 1957. Postgraduate, Columbia University, 1958.

Postgraduate, University Middlebury, 1945.


; 1 child, Gregory Robert. Married Marian Andrea Homelson, October 29, 1965. Stringer, feature writer Bristol Press, 1944-1945.

File clerk supervisor new departure General Motors Corporation, 1944-1945. Instructor English and writing Wilkes College, 1947, U. Connecticut, Hartford campus, 1947-1949. Teacher English, Seward Park High School, New York City, 1955-1959.

Instructor U. Iowa, 1959-1963, graduate fellow, 1961-1962. Assistant professor Skidmore College, 1963-1968, associate professor, 1968. Fulbright professor, visiting American specialist DamascusU., 1963-1964.

Professor of English, director writing Marshall U., Huntington, West Virginia, 1968-1970. Title I Writing Arts director West Virginia, 1969-1970. Commercial public services radio-television interviewee, reader, lecturer, educator, 1961^.

Distinguished visiting lecturer contemporary literature, consultant writing State University of New York, Albany, 1977-1978. Reader, lecturer United States Information Service Library, Damascus, Syria, 1963-1964. Innovator, director, development writers' confs. and programs, academic public, catalyst for creative growth in several nat., regional and urban contexts, 1964^.

President, public, executive editor Harian Creative Books, Ballston Spa, New York, since 1967. Yaddo residence fellow, 1950. Macdowell Colony residence fellow, 1970.

Founder, director Skidmore College Writers and Educators Conference, 1967, Adirondack-Metroland Writers and Educators Conference, since 1967. Consultant Bantam Books, Random House, 1967, 69-70, National Foundation for Arts, National Foundation for Humanities, unites states department Education, New York State Council for Arts, New York State Education Department, Poets & Writers, Inc., Harvard University, also others.


  • Achievements include research in mainstreaming American's multiple ethnic, religious, and racial groups, and for increasing the authority of the United Nations.


  • book

  • Other Work

    • Author: For the Grape Season, 1960, 3 By Harry Barba, 1967, 3 X 3, 1969, The Case for Socially Functional Education, Art and Culture, 1970-1974, One of A Kind (The Many Faces and Voices of America), 1976, The Day the World Went Sane, 1979. Author: (compiled and co-edited with Marian Barba) (series) What's Cooking in Congress? A Congressional Smorgasbord of Recipes, 1979, 1983. Author: Gospel According to Everyman, 1981, Round Trip to Byzantium, 1985 (Pulitzer prize nominee, 1985), When the Deep Purple Falls, a Story (Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists and Novelists association Syndicated Fiction award, 1985), The Nightingale Sings, Mona Lisa Smiles, 1993, The Sword/The Dove, 2007, Haji Baba Says, 2007, The Late Crubby Cox/The Later Gretchen Burfora, 2007.

      Reviewer: plays Three Plays by William Saroyan.


Founder, director Skidmore College Writers and Educators Conference, 1967, Adirondack-Metroland Writers and Educators Conference, 1967-2007. Member Modern Language Association, College English Association, Authors Guild, Writers Union Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists and Novelists association, Academy American Poets, Committee Small Press Editors and Publications, Harvard Graduate Society Advanced Study and Research, Academy American Poets, Harvard Alumni Association, Harvard Club Eastern New York (director 1975-1979).


Married Roberta Ashburn Riley, 1955 (divorced 1963).; married Marian Andrea Homelson, October 29, 1965. 1 child, Gregory Robert.

Michael Hovanessian Barba

Sultone (Mnatsignanian) Barba

Roberta Ashburn Riley

Marian Andrea Homelson

Gregory Robert Barba