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Ivan Vasilyevich Georgievsky Edit Profile

Physician , Professor

Ivan Georgievsky was an author of more than 100 scientific works on normal anatomy and operative surgery. He guided preparation of four doctoral dissertations.


Georgievsky was born on 22 November in 1867 in the village of Barskoye Gorodichshe, Syzdalski uyezd, Vladimir Governorate, into a family of a priest.


Georgiyevski completed his secondary education in Vladimir Theological Seminary. Unsatisfied with theological studies, he started to study foreign languages, physics and mathematics. In 1895, he graduated from Medical Faculty of Moscow University.


In 1896-1899, Georgievsky was an army doctor. In 1899, he received an offer to become an assistant at the Department of Operative Surgery with topographic anatomy at the University of Yuryev. In 1903, Georgievsky defended his thesis for a doctor's degree on the topic: "The topography of the nerve nodes of the prostate gland and their changes in certain diseases of the body." In 1918, he became the Professor at the University of Yuryev. In 1918-1923, Georgievsky was the Head of the department of Normal Anatomy.

In 1918-1952, he was the Head of the department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of Voronezh State University, then of Voronezh State Medical University. He dealt with the issues of pulmonology.


  • book

    • The Short Course of Topographic Anatomy