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Jeanne Morris Murray Edit Profile

educator , Information scientist , consultant , researcher

Jeanne Morris Murray, American information scientist, educator, consultant, researcher. Achievements include research on application of neural nets to specific areas of psychology, several areas of information security related to computers, research and application of subjective probability assessment testing.


Murray, Jeanne Morris was born on July 6, 1925 in Fresno, California, United States. Daughter of Edward W. and Augusta R. (French) Morris.


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Morris Harvey College, 1957. Master of Science in Information and Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1966. Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration and Technology Management, American University, 1981.

Postgraduate, American University, 1993.


Research scientist Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, 1959-1968. Adjunct professor American University, Washington, 1968-1973. Information scientist United States Department Defense, 1968-1969.

Staff scientist Delex Systems, Inc., Arlington, Virginia, 1969-1970. Management analyst General Services Administration, Washington, 1971-1974. Associate professor Northern Virginia Community College, 1975-1976, University Virginia, since 1976.

President Sequoia Associates, Arlington, since 1981. Guest lecturer computer and society University Maryland, since 1986. Guest lectrl governmental relations Marymount University, Arlington, 1990.

Consultant TechDyn Systems, American Bar Association Corporation, Orkand Corporation, 1978—1980. Panelist Institute Agriculture, Akadamgorodok, Siberia, 1991, Institute Nuclear Physics, 1991, M. Ulughbek Institute, Samarkand, Uzbekistan, 1991. Chairman conferences on Future of Finance Structure and Private Industry for Uzbekistan, 1994.

Research, developer consultant large information warfare project, since 1995. Developer indirect personality profiles for special international persons, since 1995. President Research and Development Alternate Medical Approaches, 1996.

Sponsor, member team development and testing vaccine for specific infectious diseases, 95. Active United States Global Strategy Council, since 1993.


  • Achievements include research on application of neural nets to specific areas of psychology, several areas of information security related to computers, research and application of subjective probability assessment testing.


  • Other Work

    • Author: Development and Testing of a System of Encoding Visual Informatino Based on Optimization of Neural Processig in Man—With Application to Pattern Recognition in the Computer, 1966, Development of a General Computerized Forecasting Model, 1971, Cybernetics and the Management of the Research and Development Function in Society, 1971, Cybernetics as a Tool in the Control of Drug Abuse, 1972, The Doctrine of Management Planning, 1973, Political Humankind and the Future of Governance, 1974, Policy Design, 1980, Computer Futures, 1982, A Search for Positive Response Leval Indicators (PRLI's) under Stress, 1987, Strategic Planning: Pathfinder to the Future, 1988, Strategic Planning: A Systems Perspective, 1988, Electronic Control Systems for Railroads, 1988, Technology Forecasting Methodologies for Use on Personal Computers, 1989, Japan's Burgeoning Rates of Economic Expansin in the United States and Other Western Countries, 1990, Technology Transfer and National Security, 1992, Privatization Mechanism for the Former Soviet Union and Central European Countries, 1992, Curriculum Development for Privatization Training of Entrepreneurs in Siberia, 1993, Development of Training Courses for Automated Acquisition Management Systems, 1994, Presentations of Methods of Achieving More Effective, Less Costly Federal Government, 1994. Panel participant in field. Co-developer television program Cybernetics and You, Fairfax County, Virginia, 1995, OPSEC and Information Warfare, since 1996.

      Participant in panels on economic espionage and its impact upon science and engineering competitiveness in the United States, 1997.


Member Carter Transition Team, 1976-1977, Arlington Civil Defense Committee, since 1983, Washington Metropolitan Area Emergency Assistance Committee, Arlington County Committee on Science and Technology. Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (senior member, vice chairman Washington section, chairman panel on international mitg. high technical in presence of defense technical controls 1983, national committee on a technical transfer policy for United States 1986, member land transportation committee Vehicular Technology Society 1992-1994), American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Society for Public Administration, New York Academy of Sciences, Association for Computing Machinery, Washington Evolutionary Systems Society, Institute Noetic Sciences, Society General Research, World Future Society, Better World Society, Academy Political Society, Personality Assessment Systems Foundation, Society for Advancement Socio-Economics.


Married Thomas Harold Murray, June 19, 1964. Children: Jeanne, Margaret, Barbara, Thomas, William.

Edward W. Morris

Augusta R. (French) Morris

Thomas Harold Murray

Jeanne Murray

Margaret Murray

Barbara Murray

Thomas Murray

William Murray