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Ming-sing Phoon Edit Profile

also known as Pan Ming-hsin

college president , author

Mr. Phoon was a Chinese college president and author.


Ming-sing Phoon was born in Hongkong in 1903. When a child, he left the British colony with his parents for the South Seas.


He attended several missionary schools. Then Mr. Phoon studied commerce at the Prins Hendrick's graduating with honors.

He also studied journalism in London and Law at Northwestern University in U.S.A.


Ming-sing Phoon was aLicentiate of the International Institute of Accountants, contributing editor to Inter-Ocean, accountant of the Fox Film Corporation (Java) Limited in 1923-1924, head of Information Department of the Java Official Tourist Bureau in 1925-1926, Managing Director in Java Tourist Bureau, Singapore in 1927, Manager of LaSalle Extension University of Chicago in Malaya in 1928-1929.

He also took positions of editorial staff member of Canton News Agency and Canton Gazette in 1930, South China General Manager of LaSalle Extension University and president of LaSalle College of Commerce in Canton since 1931, Dean, Commerce Department, St. John's College of Arts and Commerce in Kowloon in 1932-1933, Dean of Studies and Professor of Accounting, School of Accountancy in Hongkong, South China Registrar and Examiner, International Institute of Accountancy in 1934.

Mr. Phoon was also an author of "The English Language Analyzed for Schools in China" and compiler of "English Language Analyzed Charts" which made easy the study and the teaching of the English Language, particularly English grammar.