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Ngo-hua Chang (Chang 0-hua)

government official

Chang Ngo-hua was a Chinese civil servant who took different posts in the 30s of the 20th century.


Mr. Chang was native of Fengyang, Anhwei (Anhui) province, China. He was born in 1886.


Chang Ngo-hua received his preliminary education at home and later proceeded to Japan where he entered Ming Chi University, specializing in law.


In 1912 Mr. Chang established the National Central News in Peking. In the same year he entered political circles and was appointed a member of the Senate. During the years 1914 to 1916, he followed the late Dr. Sun Yat-sen, assisting in the organization of the Kuomintang at Tokyo.

In 1917 Chang Ngo-hua accompanied Dr. Sun to Kwangtung where he became a member of the Constitutional Government. Later he was appointed counsellor to the Generalissimo Headquarters and concurrently counsellor of the Kwangtung Army. In 1923 Mr. Chang established a Chinese daily paper at Peking called San Min Pao.

In 1924 he was appointed adviser to the office of North-western Frontier Affairs, and also Chief secretary to the Senate. In 1925 Chang Ngo-hua became Chief of the National Bureau of Tobacco and Wine. Since 1929 he was appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the National Government as assistant of the Treaty Revision Committee.

In November 1929 Mr. Chang was appointed vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, later - vice-Minister of Interior.


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