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Ying-chou Hsieh Edit Profile

Government official

Hsieh Ying-chou was a Chinese civil servant who held different positions in the 20th century.


Mr. Hsieh was born in Guangdong, China, in 1893.


Hsieh Ying-chou graduated from the University of Paris with the degree of Doctor of Laws.


Mr. Hsieh was a member of the Law Drafting Committee of the Generalissimo's Headquarters in Canton. Then he served as a professor of law at Canton Chungshan University and the National Central University. Hsieh Ying-chou was the head of the Youth Department of the Canton Municipal Party Headquarters. He was a member of the Reorganization Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Headquarters.

Hsieh Ying-chou was appointed vice-Minister of Justice of the National Government. He acted as a President of the College of Law of the Peking National University. He was a Commissioner of Education of the Guangdong Provincial Government. Mr. Hsieh was appointed President of the Guangdong Provincial College of Law. Later he became a President of the Guangdong Provincial High Court and member of the Southwest Political Council.


  • Hsieh Ying-chou held a lot of high official positions in China.