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Sen Lin Edit Profile

also known as Lin Shen

President of the National Government

Sen Lin was President of the Chinese National Government.


Mr. Lin was born in Foochow, Fukien, China in 1864.


Sen Lin received his education in China and America, where he resided for many years in California.


Mr. Lin returned to China shortly after the Revolution of 1911 and was elected senator of the first Parliament in 1912-1923. Then he joined the Kuomintang while in America and was elected member of the Central Executive Committee of Kuomintang in 1924. After the success of the 1926 Revolution, he was appointed a member of the Chekiang Division of the Central Political Council in 1927 which position he shortly resigned to become a member of the Overseas Affairs Commission in Nanking.

He was also a member of the State Council of the National Government since 1928, vice-President of Legislative Yuan in 1928-1931. Upon the resignation of Hu Han-min from the presidency of the Legislative Yuan in March 1931, he was promoted President, was a member of the Central Supervisory Committee of Kuomintang since 1929 and President of the National Government since 1932.