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Sergei Vasil’evich Rakhmaninov

composer , conductor , pianist

Sergei Rakhmaninov, USSR Composer, pianist, conductor.


Rakhmaninov, Sergei was born on April 1, 1873 in his own estate, Oneg, in the Novgorod Gouvernement.


Pupil of V. Demianskii. Studied for 4 years in Moscow from 1885 under N.Zverev. Pupil of A. Ziloti, S. Taneev and A. Arenskii.

Graduated in piano playing, 1891, and in composition, 1892.


Taught music by his mother from the age of 4. Entered the Petersburg Conservatory, 1882. Further study at the Moscow Conservatory.

Began his concert career in 1892. Teacher, and later Inspector of Music, at the Mariinskii School and at the Ekaterininskii and Elizavetinskii institutes from 1893. Conductor of the Moscow Private Orchestra of S. Mamontov, 1897-1898.

Conductor with the Bolshoi Theatre, 1904-1906. From 1906-1909, lived in Dresden in winter, and in Russia in summer. Appeared as pianist and conductor in various European cities.

Made his First appearance in the USA in 1909. Inspector of Russian Music with the Chief Administration of the Russkoe Muzykal’noe Obshchestvo, 1909-1912. Guest appearance in Sweden, autumn 1917.

Remained abroad as an emigre. Lived in Paris, then in Switzerland and New York. Settled in America, 1935.

Collaborated with M. Fokin for the scenario of the ballet Paganini. His ballet Zimniaia Noch' was performed by the Ballet Rambert in London, 1948. Gained the reputation of being the greatest pianist in the world.

Followed the tradition of classical Russian music. Opponent of formalism. Musical heir of Tchaikovskii.