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Shih-chang Hsu Edit Profile


Hsu Shih-chang was a Chinese lawyer who served as a judge of various ditrict courts of China.


Mr. Hsu was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, in 1892.


Hsu Shi-chang graduated from Zhejiang Law College.


Mr. Hsu was a chief of police department of Kaishing, Zhejiang, in 1911. He was appointed chief of department of education of Siaofeng district, Zhejiang, and prosecutor of district procuratorate, Tehtsing, Zhejiang in 1916. In 1917 he became a prosecutor of local procuratorate of Jinhua, Zhejiang. Since 1919 he served as a judge of Yiwu district procuratorate, Zhejiang.

Hsu Shih-chang worked as a chief of department of education of Wuhsin from 1920. He was a judge of Tungyang district procuratorate, Zhejiang in 1921. The following year Mr. Hsu became a councillor of Jiangsu Provincial marine police administration and judge of district court of Yungkia, Zhejiang (1922). In 1923 he was appointed judge of Zhangzhou district procuratorate, Jiangsu. Hsu Shih-chang held the post of a judge of Jukao district procuratorate, Jiangsu. He practised law in Suzhou and Shanghai from 1925.