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Yen-chuan Teng Edit Profile

also known as Teng Yen-chen

army officer

Yen-chuan Teng was an army officer.


Mr. Teng was born in Waiyang, Kwangtung, China (Guangdong, China) in 1888. He was a brother of the late Teng Yen-ta, prominent leader of the Left Wing Kuomintang.


Yen-chuan Teng was graduated from the Peiyang Military College in Tientsin, China (Tianjin, China).


Mr. Teng was a chief of the Military Affairs Bureau and later dean of the Artillery College at Canton, China, chief of staff of the 4th Nationalist Army during the Northern Punitive Expedition, the well-known "Iron Army", then under the command of General Li Chi-sen in 1926.

When the Nationalist Forces captured Wuhan, he was appointed Director-General of the Hanyang Arsenal, which position he held until 1928.