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Yu-lin Shih Edit Profile

government official

Yu-lin Shih was a Chinese government official.


Mr. Shih was born in Huang-an, Hupeh, China (Hubei, China) in 1892.


He graduated from the Paoting Military Academy.


Mr. Shih served in the Army for more than 12 years. After serving as a battalion and regimental commander, he was appointed chief-of-staff to the 3rd Division of the 7th Nationalist Army. Later he became a chief-of-staff to the 19th Army with the rank of Lieutenant-General, brigadier-commander of the 17th Division, Commander of the 17th Division, senior staff officer of the Military Affairs Commission, special Administrative Commissioner of the 6th Administrative Area of Hupeh and concurrently Commander of the Peace Preservation Force of the Area.