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Copywriter , Editor , writer

James Preller is an American writer of children's books including Bystander, Six Innings, and the Jigsaw Jones Mysteries.


Son of Alan Jay (in insurance) and Ann Theresa (a homemaker) Preller, Mr. Preller was born in Oceanside, New York, United States, on February 1, 1961.


James Preller was a student of State University of New York at Oneonta, from which he graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in 1983.


From 1985 to 1990 Mr. Preller worked at Scholastic Inc., New York, NY, serving as a copywriter and promotion manager. Since 1990 he has been a freelance writer and editor. His first book, MAXX TRAX: Avalanche Rescue, was published in 1986. Since then Mr. Preller has written a variety of books, some under pen names including Mitzy Kafka, James Patrick, and Izzy Bonkers.


  • James Preller is notable for his numerous books and created stories.



James Preller described his political affiliation as "frustrated Democrat".


Quotations: "The show, conceived by Martin and Chris Kratt, takes a wild, wacky, and sometimes irreverent look at nature. It dares to be funny. In the books, I’m trying to do the same thing — deliver up-to-date scientific information, but in a fun-filled format that leaves room for humor and silliness. On the other hand, I’m also eager to write more easy-to- read books. Charlotte Zolotow told me once in an interview that ideas come ‘when you are thinking that you’re not thinking.’ So I’ve been trying really hard not to think these days. Great work, if you can get it."


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    basketball, racquetball, running

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    music, hanging out


James Preller married Maria Buhl (a writer and editor) on September 3, 1988. They have three children, Nicholas, Gavin, and Maggie.

Alan Jay Preller - American - Insurance agent

Ann Theresa Preller - American

Maria Buhl - American

Nicholas Neal Preller - American

Gavin Preller - American

Maggie Preller - American