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Jaroslaw Spychala Edit Profile

Chemistry educator

Jaroslaw Spychala, Chemistry Educator. Member of Srs. Coalition (Washington) and New York Academy of Sciences.


Spychala, Jaroslaw was born on January 21, 1960 in Sierakow, Poland. Son of Jozef and Walentyna (Nitschke) Spychala.


Baccalaureate (examination for the secondary-school certificate in Polish, Maths, Chemistry, and French), Miedzychod High School, Math-physics Profiled Liceum, 1979. Master of Science, Adam Mickiewicz University, 1984. Doctor of Philosophy, Adam Mickiewicz University, 1991. Postdoctorate, Postdoctoral Programs at Georgia State University, 1994. Independent Scholar, Professional Development at Adam Mickiewicz University up to 2006.


Assistant Professor, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, since 1991. Postdoctoral Associate, Georgia State University, 1991-1994.


  • His many outstanding performances (brand-new discoveries) published in high quality journals: Spychala Reaction I (cyclic amidines from nitriles), Spychala Reaction II (simple amidines from thioamides and zinc ammoniates), Spychala Reaction III (several protonation reactions and reactivity), Spychala Rearrangement (H2S molecule migration in the thioamide-nitrile system), new bonds, correlations, selectivity, and other individual valuable contributions to organic chemistry and medicinal drug discovery.



The reforms are not going far enough to view the future with optimism. There is cause for concern: wrongdoing of the judiciary (Judges as Criminals?), incompetent and mercenary judges and other officials, wrong law interpretations, lawlessness, officialdom, incapacity, no right democracy as yet (half-democratic Poland), constitution violation, constitutional disorder - rule hierarchy gross negligence (including EEC rules).


Member of Srs. Coalition (Washington)., New York Academy of Sciences.


Creative and experienced professional with a real passion for drug discovery, the highly qualified synthetic organic chemist has a high degree of independence and proven track record of applying modern synthetic organic techniques in the preparation of complex organic molecules and development of novel synthetic methodologies. Brand-new discoveries are on his publications list. He investigated and explored new ideas, demonstrated proof of concept, and created new intellectual properties.

Physical Characteristics : hazel (brown) eye color, medium-sized: height 170 cm, over 105 kilos in weight, and bald head

  • “He is a ‘beautiful brains’ of Polish sciences / Jest "pięknym umysłem" polskiej nauki!! (Newspaperwoman Natalia Mazur, Gazeta.pl Forum, Gazeta.pl Poznan)”


  • Other Interests

    Biking, walking, excursion.



Jozef Spychala - died in 1993


Walentyna (Nitschke) Spychala - retired

Family-tree (drzewo genealogiczne) - Jaroslaw Jozef Spychala - Ogrody Wspomnien: http://www.ogrodywspomnien.pl/index/tree/g,7134/graph,d.

Family ID F465 - Polish Roots (polishroots.us).